Una guida pratica all'assistenza omnicanale

An omnichannel approach is unparalleled in terms of operational metrics and meeting customer expectations. But the question remains: What steps should your company take to adopt an omnichannel approach to customer service?

With data from the Zendesk Benchmark, our index of product usage data from 45,000 Zendesk customers, we put together findings on best practices when it comes to launching new channels, integrating existing channels, and teaming up with the right technology partners.

Insights include:

How to pace rollout
Companies should use what they learn about common customer questions and preferences to inform their rollout strategy across email, webform, self-service, and live channels.

What to expect regarding ticket volume
It tends to increase after a channel launches. Adding channels tends to improve overall efficiency, however, by reducing ticket resolution time.

What an agile approach to self-service looks like
We share findings on best practices when it comes to launching new channels, integrating existing channels, and choosing partners wisely.

Why the right technology partners mean better support
Companies that use integrations see a 10 percent improvement in the ticket resolution time compared with companies that do not.

B2C companies and channel rollout
B2C companies roll out five channels nearly a month faster than other types of companies.

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