HR self service for stronger employee relationships

What is HR self service?

HR self service is a demand-driven, online system that HR (Human Resources) departments use to provide workplace information to employees. It is designed to give employees access to work-related resources at any time and at any place through a computer or mobile device.

Zendesk for HR Teams includes software that enables HR departments to offer self service for employees with questions about their job and workplace.

Different HR service

Human Resource professionals are the keepers of job-related content on topics such as payroll, training, insurance, professional development, direct deposit, emergency contacts and benefits information. Traditionally, HR managers must update and push their main content to employees on paper.

With self service, employees access the content whenever, wherever and at whatever pace suits them. Updated information is as close as their nearest browser, be it at their desk, in their home or on their smartphone.

Self service advantages

The main advantages are lower printing costs, greater ease in communicating benefits and deeper engagement as employees take it upon themselves to remain current with company information.

With a good self service system, even a small team of HR professionals can focus on the hottest topics and post enough content to meet their employees' needs.

The time is right

Companies can start offering self service as soon as HR begins struggling to keep up with employee demands for job-related information.

Most organizations store their workplace info in a knowledge base in their help desk, with internal access only.

Zendesk per i team HR

Zendesk's Help Center is a self service portal for both the IT help desk and the HR help desk. As easily as internal users and external customers can find the answers to their questions, employees can find the work-related content they need.

Smart companies extend the employee support functions to help workers in the field, by reducing email clutter and responding immediately to health risks and safety hazards.

Self service is the best service

Scegli il piano Zendesk che soddisfa al meglio le esigenze del tuo team.