Self-service Success: the Business Portal

What is a business portal?

A business portal or corporate portal is a digital gateway on a website or application that gives customers access to their accounts, files, or information that is restricted to that specific customer. Built using enterprise portal software, a business portal gives customers the ability to independently access their accounts without having to directly contact the business.

Customizable for customers and simple to manage, Zendesk Help Center is a knowledge base, community, and business portal—all in one.

Un approccio diverso

Many companies work with businesses that require support on a regular basis. This can take many forms, like questions about billing, customer service requests, inquiries about new product releases, or technical support. While some complex issues related to things like engineering or software development require a direct interaction, such as a phone call or email, many are simple issues that should not require the help of a customer service agent. However, if companies do not provide their customers with self-service options, customers will have no choice but to directly reach out to the business. Leading to higher resource costs to the organization that must now respond to a high-volume of simple requests for support. All of which would could be solved with the right software.

Lo sapevate?

Companies have been providing customers with a business portal for years, and as a result have seen many benefits, including:
  • Empowered customers. Rather than relying on an agent to respond to a question, customers can log in and search for what they need the moment they need it.
  • More time for difficult problems. The right solution can save companies the time and resources they otherwise would have been forced to spend helping customers solve simple issues. As a result, customer service agents have more time to spend dealing with complex issues or building relationship development with VIP customers.
  • Better features. This includes features that email and other channels just aren’t capable of, including larger file limits, integration with knowledge bases and other self-service options, and more.

È il momento delle soluzioni

Because they depend on building ongoing relationships with customers, it is imperative that companies, particularly B2B companies, provide them with excellent experiences. Otherwise they run the risk of losing them to competitors. An essential component of any good customer experience is making sure customers have easy access to the information they need, when they need it. Providing customers with a business portal creates a direct line between the customer and the business, empowering the customer to engage with the business on their own terms, and simplifying customer engagement without having to expand customer support workforce.
Camera Obscura's community example of Zendesk's business portal.

Ecco come Zendesk può aiutare

Zendesk gives companies the ability to provide all of their customers with a self-service gateway to all of their interactions with the organization. Everything from a history of closed tickets, status of open tickets, knowledge base articles subscribed to, account information, and more, all readily available within in Zendesk Help Center. Customizable for customers and simple to manage, Help Center is a knowledge base, community, and business portal—all in one.

Build a portal to the self-service dimension

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