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Service Desk Definition

Service desk definition

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What's the difference between a service desk and a help desk? A service desk is a single point of contact within the company infrastructure. It is primarily an IT function. A help desk, on the other hand, is intended for the customer or end-user to provide troubleshooting, guidance, and customer service. Both of these single point services require a management system that can prioritize, track, and solve customer support tickets.

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Zendesk Support puts all your customer information in one place, providing your help or service desk with everything it needs from a single point. Communication between you and your users is efficient, relevant, and personal. Customizable views let agents see their queue based on ticket status, assignee, group, or other conditions. Dynamic request forms quickly give agents the right context, so they’re prepared to offer personalized customer support.

Sfrutta i benefici

Zendesk Support is ready to play ball:
  • Multichannel. Zendesk Support brings conventional and emerging technology channels together, making it easy to connect with customers and users on their own terms.
  • Multilingual. Localized support content in over 40 languages can be dynamically applied everywhere – automations, macros, triggers, and knowledge base articles.
  • Multibrand. Unique help centers, support channels, and business rules for multiple brands, regions, or products managed within a single help desk.

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