WordPress Ticket Systems

What are WordPress ticket systems?

WordPress ticket systems allow companies with WordPress-powered websites or blogs to track customer service tickets that come in through these channels.

Zendesk and WordPress go hand-in-hand — we know the importance of seamlessness when it comes to building all-important relationships with a customer base.

Scoop esclusivo

There are a ton of free to "freemium" WordPress ticket management options available, regardless of the WordPress theme you're using, allowing users to submit tickets to report problems or summon support for whatever issues they may be facing. Many of the plugins boast "lightness," which means they don't dump a load of extra code baggage into the back end of your site once you install them, slowing it down and causing your site to slow down or (even worse) crash under its weight. But, for many users, it appears that the lightness comes with its own cost in the end.

What to look for

Free WordPress ticket system services sometimes act exactly like they sound: like satellite devices plugged into your primary interface. First off, such WordPress plugins could interfere with the seamless customer experience you're aiming to build across your digital properties. For example, would a user need to sign on to a separate, differently branded website to submit a ticket?

Furthermore, some users may (and often do) comment their concerns directly into a blog post or comment section of your website. More seamless WordPress ticket systems allow service agents to take these comments, whatever your theme or version of WordPress, and turn them into tickets.

Ecco come Zendesk può aiutare

Thanks to an integration with WordPress, Zendesk is the best solution for wordpress ticketing system. Blog comments are automatically converted into tickets, making it possible to use business rules, automations, and other great Zendesk feature. You can also add a Zendesk feedback tab to your wordpress site, so users can access to your knowledge base, submit a ticket, or even initiate a live chat session.

Zendesk's Single Sign On feature could be for you: This way, your users won't have to login to Zendesk to submit tickets, check their progress or comment in community forums. Did your eyes perk up learning you could take comments and turn them into tickets? Zendesk allows you to do just that; take a conversation offline or escalate a question — and your customers won't feel a thing until you've come to a solve.

We're also big believers in the power of the dashboard, giving your site admins a 360-degree view of your customer service landscape. From your WordPress dashboard, the Zendesk solution allows you to access all your tickets and comments, all uploaded files, attachments, and supporting documentation.

We have more to say about WordPress systems.

WordPress websites are designed to be lean and lightweight (our kind of website), plugins are ways of adding certain features to those websites. For example, there are plugins that put social media share buttons at the bottom of each blog post. Some companies, including Zendesk, make WordPress ticket system plugins. Learn more.