Berlin, Germany | 236 projects | 1 certification
I help optimise your company’s Customer Experience. Your team’s job becomes easier, more fun and your organisation creates the ultimate CX/CS experience for your customers.

I’ve been working as a Zendesk consultant for the past 8 years (almost) and I love what I do.

I help enterprise companies deliver memorable Customer Experiences and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

If you are an existing user - I recommend starting out with an Account Healthcheck. This is how one would lood like. With it, and along with your scope of work, I will be able to determine the level of effort I need to put into your project. As a bonus, I will point out some easy fixes to improve your processes. On me. If you bring it up, I will do it for free.

If you're only starting out with Zendesk, I would like to know: 1. What is your business goal for using Zenedesk? 2. How would a successful implementation look like? 3. What is your scope of work?

After a scoping call, I can translate your flows into Zendesk features and determine the level of effort for your project.

I’ve built 40+ apps for private and public accounts. I don’t work alone, I have a team of talented developers I work with. Depending on the app requirements and/or the technical specs of your data, I find the badass solution for you. See the apps I've uploaded below.

I also do Zendesk Sunshine - the new data sorting feature. Check out my app.

I love customizing Guide experiences. This is hands on combining all of my experience - UX meets CX. If you need a sleek navigation and tips on how to deflect tickets, I have a lot of suggestions you could use. Book a call with me and I’ll share some tips and tricks for free. My portfolio here.

Reporting - Visualizing your data is key when seeing if your KPIs work, how your agents are performing, and where you need to improve. I cannot stress enough how important Zendesk Explore is for your Customer Satisfaction.

Check out my website for use cases and more CS googies.

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Development Services
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System Integrator
CX Consultant
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App Developer
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Sunshine Assets App
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Sales Database App
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Events Viewer App

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