ArenaCX is the marketplace for on-demand customer service, where contact centers compete to better serve your customers. Our software also lets you apply these principles to manage your existing internal or external network. Either way, ArenaCX helps you improve KPIs and costs, meet and try out new BPOs, and adjust your network's scale in-line with demand.

Make your support operations as dynamic as your business.

As a customer service leader, ArenaCX gives you access to a marketplace of contact centers (BPOs) that compete to better serve your customers ... and to a suite of tools that make management of this network easier than ever.

On-Demand Marketplace BPOs are paid by the ticket, providing capacity when you need it, scaling with your demand, and standing ready when you have rapid growth or an unexpected spike.

Gamified You configure a business scorecard with your chosen KPIs (such as CSAT, QA, response time, cost, etc.) and weight these measures according to their relative importance. We use this scorecard to measure the performance of the BPOs and internal teams in your network, and route incoming tickets accordingly - driving continuous improvement against the goals set in your scorecard.

Software-Enabled Our system integrates with your Zendesk instance to help you manage your network, providing you with:

  • Automated demand plans powered by AI
  • Automated triage of incoming digital tickets for priority and ticket category, powered by machine learning & natural language processing
  • Ongoing performance measurement against your KPI scorecard
  • Dynamic routing of incoming demand to the best performing teams (for that ticket category and priority)
  • Reporting that you and your BPOs can use to stay on top

Connect your Zendesk instance to the ArenaCX platform instantly with the ArenaCX marketplace app.

Built by customer service leaders, for customer service leaders Republic Wireless built ArenaCX internally to keep up with growth, align capacity to volatile demand, create built-in continuous improvement mechanisms, get on the same page with BPOs, and refocus the internal team on CX and analytics. After running the program successfully for two years, earning industry-leading KPIs and winning several awards, we decided to share this new approach with others.

ArenaCX completely transformed our approach to support for the better. Instead of focusing on recruiting, training, and scheduling, our customer service leaders now focus on CX and drive strategic business outcomes. Every KPI and business measure improved dramatically. --Chris Chuang, CEO, Republic Wireless

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