Side Tickets by LEAFWORKS

Side Tickets app allows you to organize multiple tickets into a single project.

Side Tickets by LEAFWORKS

Customer facing teams often communicate with the entire list of internal or external teams. Such communication usually involves multiple email threads that are hard to keep track of. With Side Tickets app we allow your agents to link separate tickets and parse important information between them.

Within the app, your agents will be able to:

  • Create and link side tickets with the original (main) inquiry

  • Push or Pull email comments between tickets, and choose if those comments are public or private

  • Create and use ticket templates in your side tickets

  • Assign ticket properties (form, priority, status etc.) for your ticket templates

  • Create and parse custom field values between side tickets

  • Use placeholders in your ticket templates

For more information regarding ticket templates and placeholders, please check our short Guide article.

App inquiries

Contact us if you have any questions, comments or feature requests regarding this app.

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