Related Tickets PLUS by LEAFWORKS

Related Tickets PLUS allows you to see related tickets based on custom fields.

Related Tickets PLUS by LEAFWORKS

Related Ticket PLUS allows you to see related tickets based on the same custom fields values of other tickets.

Examples use cases:

  • Tickets containing the same OrderID

  • Tickets with same CustomerID in ticket fields

  • Tickets containing a BackendID

  • Tickets containing equal Real-estate ID

  • Tickets related to the same Assets/SubscriptionIDs etc.

  • and many more

This is especially helpful when tickets get created through Guide Forms or via API which come with prefilled custom fields by clients or backend processes. The app only shows data, when matching tickets are found.

Depending on the needs of your team, you can specify additional fields to show alongside with the tickets, like:

  • Other custom field

  • Create-Date

  • Assignee

  • Status

  • Form

  • Tags

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