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Providing customer service has never been easy. In fact, today it has become more complex and more demanding than ever for management. Many companies still rely on IT service management (ITSM) tools that are still anchored in basic problem management instead of automation and workforce productivity.

Zendesk's IT Help Desk Tools are at the center of excellent customer support with the knowledge base solution of a great automated help desk.

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Zendesk's IT help desk software offers tools that put multi-channel ticketing and employee self-service portals in a single place. IT teams, with user support for many ITIL processes, can effectively track trouble tickets, problems, assets, and changes, while providing great service to their customers and other employees. Integrate with common IT asset management tools and tag issues to report, categorize, and track problems across tickets, while keeping track of phones, computers, monitors, and more.

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Free up your relationship with your customers by offering Zendesk's IT help desk software that provide the tools you need for great customer support. It is not just about the work tools you create, but improving the relationship between organization and customer. Zendesk offers agents the ability to collaborate with each other and share information technology using private comments on any help desk issue. Real time updates are displayed at anytime about who is viewing a service request ticket.
  • Smarter ITIL - Zendesk implements ITIL processes without the typical ITIL tool complexity, so you can put your energy into what counts
  • Automation Tools - powerful tools helping IT teams easily manage problems, events, incidents, and service requests. Macros solve common problems faster
  • Help employees help themselves - spend less time on password resets and common IT questions with an intuitive self-service employee knowledge portal
  • Multi-channel ticketing systems provide multiple ways for your employees to reach you via email, chat, phone, web forms, and mobile

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Integrate your IT service desk software with our customized IT help desk center, and learn how customers get better self-service and agents faster resolution.

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