Modern forum software

Livelier discussions with modern forum software
What is modern forum software?
Modern online discussion forums are places where users in a community can read, create and search for the latest messages regarding a product, service or technology. The software acts as an electronic bulletin board on which members can post projects and exchange comments.

Zendesk Guide lets companies tap into their community of customers and followers. Integration with other Zendesk products makes Guide an always-on, self-service content platform.

How the modern forum is different

Most forum software picked up where the electronic bulletin board service (BBS) left off: ordinary text, simple interface, limited search capability. The latest trends in software include feature-rich conversations, real-time notifications and the ability to post messages from the desktop or a mobile device.

Benefits of the modern forum

The modern forum makes it easy for users to search through existing posts, announcements, solutions and comments for the answers to their questions. Customers and users tend to create a community on their own, so companies do them (and themselves) a favor by sponsoring the hosting and development of that community. The accumulation of messages and topics over time becomes a knowledge base of valuable content to the company as well.

Time for new forum software?

A forum may look old, but it should not act old. Users want to be able to navigate conversations easily and naturally, receive notifications, embed and open links, work on mobile devices, and use emoji, social media and badges. Free, open source software is a good way to test the latest versions of popular forum applications, but free packages often require additional customization and development.

Zendesk Guide includes all the features companies need to create thriving, modern community forums. Customers and users can post their messages and contribute to discussions on any forum topic.