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Engage customers with website chat software
What is website chat software?
Chatting with website visitors and customers in real time requires live chat software. The software powers live chat sessions that connect agents and customers in successful, live transactions.

Zendesk Chat enables companies to provide better customer service and increase sales right at their website.

Why live chat is different

Online customers think and act in terms of websites rather than phone calls. Live chat on the site offers visitors more-immediate gratification than using the phone. Instead of having to call an agent to get a question answered, visitors see a chat window open up in their web browser and they receive help instantly.

Live chat demonstrates to visitors that the Customer Support and Sales teams know where they are on the site, and that they are searching for something. For most people, getting a question answered quickly, without the need for a conversation, is the optimal approach to customer service.

The benefits of live chat software

While agents can work on only one voice call at a time, live chat software enables them to type messages into several separate chat sessions at once. Live chat can greatly boost productivity for companies that implement it.

According to a study by Forrester, the ability to get live questions and answers when making an online purchase is important to 44% of online consumers. Customers benefit from live chat because they can engage in it from both mobile and desktop websites. Chat also demonstrates the company's commitment to working in an environment that is comfortable for customers.

When to start chatting

Any company with a website can implement live chat and get going. Free live chat software is an acceptable place to start, but most organizations soon outgrow the limitations of free products. Eventually, they want better support, more features and smoother integration with their existing customer support software than they can get with free products.

Zendesk Chat is designed to complement the browsing flow of website visitors with the personal connection that comes from live chat. Through tight integration with the other products in Zendesk's customer service platform, Chat lets agents work more efficiently so customers can get their questions answered more easily.

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