User Interface Customization with the CSS Widget

August 7, 2009

Zendesk offers an easy and convenient way for you to set up your help desk so that it resembles your web site’s look and feel. You can change the colors, the favicon, the logo, the naming and even the customer-facing language. And it can all be done in seconds.

But sometimes that’s not enough and that’s why we offer a custom CSS widget, so that you can modify basically any aspect of the help desk user interface. Sometimes even subtle changes can have a big impact. Take a look a the examples below that we have stumbled upon when talking to our customers. If you want to do something similar go look for CSS tips in our forums. Have fun!

Custom CSS Widget Zendesk


Custom CSS Widget Zendesk


Custom CSS Widget Zendesk

Certo, c'è parecchio da leggere.

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