Tip of the week: notifying external email addresses

Published April 15, 2013
Last modified April 15, 2013

Many of you LOVE triggers and the quick and the easy ticket management it allows you to setup and automate, as well as the email notifications it allows you to send. But what if the email notification is not to an agent or requester in your Zendesk such as a shipping partner or that gentlemen in Finance (with the mustache and bow tie) who needs to know about refunds for his own calculator needs? Maybe it's an external email address to a different department, or company, or planet. Even though on the surface it seems like you can't do this, it's possible by notifying targets.

Notify target allows you to notify an external system about a new ticket or an important state change to a ticket. These systems include Twitter, JIRA, Salesforce, and many others. For an example, when a ticket is set to urgent, you would like an SMS sent to your CEO or an update sent to Twitter, Yammer, or Flowdock. Or maybe when a customer creates a ticket and selects "Sales" from a dropdown field, it creates a case in Salesforce. All of this is possible with notify target.

The latest tip of the week give you two useful examples of how you can use notify target to send out email notifications to an external email address.

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