Steven Slater’s Excellent Adventure: Will the Love Soon Turn to Hate?

Published August 17, 2010
Last modified May 13, 2020

As Steven Slater's 15 minutes of fame extends into its second week, the media and Internet blitz surrounding the Jet Blue flight attendant shows little signs of waning.

Instead, rumors are circulating that Slater will soon host a new reality television series that focuses on employees who've reached their wits' end...and also pull crazy stunts when they decide to call it quits. An impressive 175 Facebook pages have been created, nearly all of which fete the flight attendant's famous exit down an inflatable emergency slide. One of these pages has acquired 210,456 "likes" and counting. Meanwhile, another page has been set up to raise money for the guy's legal defense fund (and people are actually contributing).

We're stating the obvious when we say that world's most disgruntled flight attendant clearly has struck a universal nerve. And that nerve is amazingly creative.

Multiple songs have been written, the most popular so far being Jonathan Mann's "Ballad of Steven Slater," which has even spawned a slew of covers on YouTube.

Meanwhile, over on MeFi music (from MetaFilter) Max Sparber penned this little ditty.

Spirited parodies of in flight materials have been produced:

Exiting the Aircraft

And speaking to the incident's international appeal is NextMedia Animation's amazing reenactment of the famed episode. NextMedia is an animation studio in Taiwan and is owned by one of China's largest media companies.

Clearly, the Internet demonstrates that there is overwhelming support for Slater, but there are a few Slater haters out there too, albeit harder to find.

There is at least one Facebook page titled Steven Slater Is an Idiot, but it has only managed to garner 10 "likes" so far.  And a there are a few other signs that suggest a backlash might soon be underway. And make no mistake, there will be backlash, especially as more accounts come forward that claim Slater instigated this whole brouhaha.

For now though, Slater and the world at large can enjoy being a newly united front that embraces the plight of customer service agents. And at the very least, we can only hope that since Slater called a passenger a motherf*cker, customers and customer service reps are thinking deeply about the kind of relationship they really want to have with one another.