Get personal with profiles in Help Center

By Toby Roger

Published June 20, 2016
Last modified June 20, 2016

Thriving communities are built around people having real connections with each other. There’s a difference, though, between forming a connection in person, and forming one online. When you physically meet a new person—whether you recognize it or not—you form a judgment based on the physical and verbal cues present at the time. But in online communities, you’re relying on even less information to decide whether a person can be trusted.

That’s why we’re introducing profiles in Help Center, making it possible for community members to share relevant information about themselves, and to showcase their recent activity and contributions.

Help Center profile


According to a Forrester Research, Inc. report on self-service, online forum and community use jumped from 31 percent in 2012 to 39 percent in 2016 among US online adults. So, as online communities continue to be an increasingly valuable resource, it’s more important than ever to provide community members with a stage to showcase their personal, human side and trusted online reputation.

Now, with Help Center profiles, your community members can:

  • share information about themselves by updating their name, avatar, and personal bio.
  • feature their involvement in the online community with statistics on their activity, followers, subscriptions, and votes.
  • showcase their ten most recent posts and comments on a timeline in the activity overview.
  • keep informed with updates from their favorite contributors by following them and receiving email notifications whenever new content is published.

Help Center profiles are available on the Professional and Enterprise plans. To get started with profiles, head over to the announcement in our Help Center.