Customer relationships are complicated. Relate can help.

Published October 7, 2015
Last modified October 7, 2015

In the world of customer service, it’s easy to get wrapped up in impersonal terms like “handle times” and “ticket deflection.” We sometimes forget that at its core, customer service is about people. The customer experience is a series of interactions, and interactions are the foundation of relationships.

And just like with friends, family, and colleagues, our customer relationships are complicated. In business, as in life, maintaining healthy relationships takes work—a lot of work.

We get it. That’s why today we’re launching Relate, a new online destination to explore the intersection of relationships and the world of customer service. Relate will help you navigate the changing nature of customer relationships and explore newsworthy and unexpected business and interpersonal relationship topics to uncover lessons that can be applied to the customer experience.

On the new Relate site, you’ll find a mix of both inspirational and tactical “put-it-into-practice” content:

  • An online magazine with articles covering everything from advice on trampling Internet trolls to measuring customer happiness.
  • Details about our series of in-person events, Relate Live. Our inaugural event is today in New York, to be followed in 2016 by events in São Paulo (March 17), London (June 14-15), San Francisco (May 11-12), and other cities around the world.
  • Opportunities for professional development. In 2016, we’ll offer online learning and training for leaders in customer service and experience.

In the articles section of the new Relate site, you’ll find a diverse collection of tips, videos, and stories about customer experience and business relationships, as well as explorations of healthy interpersonal relationships and the lessons we can draw from those. Articles like:

To lead the editorial vision and day-to-day production of Relate, we welcome the talented Sarah Stealey Reed as Editor of Relate. Sarah has been passionately focused on unraveling the complicated relationships of companies and their customers for years. She spends her days writing, speaking, and guiding teams on how to better deliver customer service.

“Relationships are intrinsically complicated,” says Sarah. “A single relationship can represent a variety of intentions, expectations, emotions, and actions. And just like relationships, Relate could never be just one thing. Today we launch with our online magazine, and soon we’ll be exploring a vast array of relationships through training, conferences, events, and more.”

Rounding out the Relate editorial staff will be a devoted crew of writers and designers, along with a diverse staff of polymaths, sharp thinkers, and contributing journalists.

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