Got Amazing Customer Service? Prove It.

Published October 5, 2011
Last modified October 5, 2011

Opaqueness is plaguing the customer service industry, endangering the world's most precious commodity: happiness. To combat this alarming trend and bring transparency to the masses, a few visionary companies, such as 37signals, Shopify and Mailchimp, recently created customer support-review pages that display users' ratings of customer support separate from product reviews. It's a brilliant move on their part and a huge win for consumers everywhere. In fact, we loved the idea so much that it's now available in Zendesk!

Don't Be Fooled - Customer Satisfaction Ratings to the Rescue

We've all fallen victim to it before: you sign up for a new product on lofty promises of superior customer service, only to be let down. You quickly realize that immediateactually means within 72 hours, and the customer testimonial on their site about their "amazing response time" now looks suspiciously sarcastic.

That's where our new Customer Satisfaction Ratings come in. In Zendesk, users are given the option to rate their satisfaction with a given issue. It helps keep agents on top of their game, and ensure that customer satisfaction remains high at all times. The score widget aggregates these scores into an easy-to-read graphic that allows potential customers to quickly evaluate your customer service quality.

customer satisfaction rating boxes

The Score Widget – Display statistics for your last 100 ratings in customizable boxes via a cut and paste bit of Javascript, because the facts speak for themselves.


Scoring Widget Faces JSON

Last 100 Ratings – Add some personality to your site through a graphical representation of your last 100 scores, such as smiley/frowny faces, using customizable JSON.

Results Thus Far...

Since we introduced Customer Satisfaction Ratings, our customers have seen the following results:

  • More than 1 million ratings received
  • More than 4 million surveys sent
  • 25% survey response rate
  • 85% positive responses

Yep, our customers are pretty damn awesome at providing incredible customer support, which is why Customer Satisfaction Ratings is now one of our most popular features.

How to Get It

You can find both these features and further information on how to find them, by going to your Zendesk account and navigating to Settings > End-Users and then the "Satisfaction" tab.

Eating Our Own Dog Food

We're displaying our score widget on our support page , but you can display any of this information wherever you please. It's completely up to you, and we really do encourage you to experiment with it as much as you like!

If you're not a current Zendesk customer, sign up for our free trial and try Customer Satisfaction Ratings out for yourself.

A very special thanks goes out to the 37signals team for coming up with the idea of being so transparent and awesome with their customer satisfaction. Without such thought leadership, we will never improve as companies in customer service.