Hope you had a Merry Holiday. We did.

Published January 7, 2011
Last updated January 7, 2011

While it has been a few weeks since we unwrapped the final episode of Merry Holidays, Please Hold -- our holiday web series about bad customer service -- we are finally clearheaded enough to post one final thank you and recap the winners of our Threadless and Xbox 360 contest.

First, a huge thank you to the cast and crew of Merry Holidays, most especially the creator/director Scotty Iseri, who's web series Scotty Got an Office Job deserves your attention.

And thank you to everyone who watched, shared, and commented on Matt Nelson's travails. For those who still want to play around in the Matt Nelson World of Terrible Customer Service Advice, check out Matt Nelson's site, where you can submit your own questions about customer service and business in general. Nelson will answer with his usual annoying aplomb.

Haven't seen the series yet? Watch it in its entirety on Zendesk's YouTube channel.

Contest winners

You should probably follow them as they now have a cool t-shirt.

  1. Dec. 1 @gueritaverde
  2. Dec. 3 @joebolenbaugh
  3. Dec. 6 @limeybloke
  4. Dec. 8 @mayhemchaos
  5. Dec. 13 @Ruckus
  6. Dec. 15 @Keri_little
  7. Dec. 17 @widoheeman
  8. Dec. 20 @larsraae
  9. Dec. 22 @varkias
  10. The Xbox @mayhemchaos

Congratulations everyone - enjoy your t-shirt. We know that mayhemchaos is going to enjoy his Xbox because he made this video about it :-)

As described by Techland, Time Magazine's tech blog:

It may sound hokey, but it's actually kind of awesome - in large part because Latkiewicz's Matt Nelson is a great, over-the-top character in the fine "complete asshole who lacks self-awareness" tradition, as well as the depressing familiarity of all the terrible service he runs into.