When employees are happy, business booms

Published June 7, 2016
Last updated June 7, 2016

Human Resources (HR) professionals may have a reputation as mediators of disputes and personnel complaints, but internal relationship-management is just one part of the job. HR teams have become a strategic business partner, attacking one of the most pressing corporate priorities: employee engagement. More than ever, HR teams are faced with increasing pressure to get ahead of the curve and to raise levels of employee engagement to new heights.

This push for greater employee engagement reflects a change in mindset. Rather than viewing employees in service to the business, it’s now the other way around. That’s because when we think about employees as customers and work to foster a culture of empowered, satisfied customers, everyone reaps the rewards.

Yet this is a big challenge. According to Dale Carnegie Training, less than one-third (29 percent) of the U.S. workforce feels engaged in their workplace. In fact, 26 percent report feeling actively disengaged, leaving everyone else somewhere in the dispassionate middle. Globally, the numbers are even more grim.

This is just what the April 2016 report from Forrester Research, Inc., “Use Digital Technologies to Improve Employee Engagement,” addresses. HR professionals can use this report to learn:

  • Why employee engagement is a corporate priority today
  • What employee engagement looks like
  • How disengaged employees undermine the productivity of US and global workforces
  • How to create six employee engagement levers for the digital age
  • How a digital approach will strengthen employee engagement opportunities

Using the right tool, HR teams can gain greater insight into the issues facing employees, reduce contacts by offering a self-service destination, and serve employees faster and more efficiently—all of which leads directly to greater employee satisfaction.

We want to help. We’re offering Forrester’s Use Digital Technologies to Improve Employee Engagement as a complimentary download for a limited time.

What do you think? What employee engagement strategies are working for your company?