Boosting call center customer satisfaction

March 7, 2017

Research about call center customer service continually shows that the phone channel results in higher customer satisfaction—it’s not surprising, given that customers often enjoy the immediacy and personal touch of a call.

That said, if your primary goal is to improve call center customer satisfaction, it’s not enough for a company to just provide your customers with a phone number. You have to make sure to strategically design your call center operations in a way that improves customer service and minimizes the major sources of customer frustration.

Focus on the customer experience

Customer service, be it in person or via the call center, is all about providing a great experience for the customer. It might seem obvious, but many companies focus on their needs first. Asking for customer feedback, beyond from customer satisfaction surveys, to find out how they define quality service levels. Maybe they’d prefer a self-service options for simple questions, circumventing the need to reach out to your call center. Or maybe they don’t like constant back and forth, in which case you should focus on increasing first call resolution. The point is, customer service in the call center isn’t just about a single customer interaction, but the entire customer experience.

Staff enough agents to field inbound calls

Customers hate waiting on the phone to talk to an agent. If you want to improve customer satisfaction in your call center, then you need to ensure that you have enough agents to meet your customers’ phone support demands. For those unpredictable spikes in call volume, limit call queues and provide customers the option to exit a long queue and leave a voicemail. An agent can later return that call.

Empower agents to make outbound calls

If you know that you are more likely to achieve positive satisfaction with a phone call, encourage your call center agents to respond to frustrated customer emails with a phone call. Not only will your customers appreciate the proactive, personalized customer service, your agents may find that it’s faster and easier than crafting a long email response, especially for complicated issues.

Measure satisfaction

If your call center wants to improve the customer experience, ensure that satisfaction is your primary key performance indicator. Your agents don’t have to challenge the Zappos eight hour phone support call record, but if you measure agent performance based on call length rather than customer satisfaction, it’ll be difficult for your team to improve the customer experience. To solicit customer satisfaction using Zendesk Talk, send follow-up emails after each call. Not only will you be able to understand what’s working well when your agents help customers over the phone, but you’ll be able to compare and improve results CSAT scores across all your other channels.

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