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gert.io by helphouse.io

Customer data is crucial in order to provide personalized and seamless experiences when shopping online. But data needs to be handled correctly.

Correct data handling can be a both complicated and time-consuming task. Our bot gert.io, makes it easy, for you who use Zendesk, to manage customer data.

Once your Zendesk is added to gert.io you can easily add your company’s data-retention policies and define your criteria for what, when and how often ticket data should be redacted. After this, gert.io automatically redacts sensitive customer data from your Zendesk without deleting important statistics. Meaning you will be completely compliant whilst retaining relevant knowledge about your customers' actions, which you can use to further develop your services.

Key benefits

  • Compatible across borders: GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, APEC CBPR
  • Automates your business' privacy compliance execution
  • Allows you to redact both open and closed tickets
  • Set up your policies for ticket retention in an easy no-code tool
  • One interface to manage privacy compliance for all your Zendesk instances and sandboxes
  • Automatically works in the background 24/7/365, once it’s set up

Note: gert.io requires a subscription.

Made by helphouse.io - Zendesk Master Partner

This app is made by helphouse.io. We’re a 360º Zendesk consulting house and the leading Zendesk Master Partner in Europe. We’re experts in customer experience and Zendesk. And besides creating apps for Zendesk Marketplace, we also help companies implement and optimize Zendesk. We’ve already helped dozens of companies save time and money doing just that. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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