Respira Tag Files

Add tags to your tickets if they have attachments.

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Respira Tag Files

Respira Tag Files is a small app that will add tags with the file extensions of the attachments found in your tickets.

For example, if there is a .jpg file in a ticket, a "ri_jpg" and a "hasattachments" tag will be added to your ticket. Then you can use those tags to create views, trigger events, automate actions, etc.

A typical use case is sending an automated email to a customer if she forgot to upload a photo when opening the ticket, asking her to upload it. You may also want an agent to review the documents your users are uploading so they can be marked as reviewed.

To do its job, this app uses the Zendesk API. That´s why you need to enter your credentials.

The process

The process is very simple:

  • Every 5 minutes, we look for new tickets with status <= pending

  • If a new ticket is found, a "processed" label is added, so the ticket will not be processed again.

  • If no attachments are found, a "noattachments" label is added

  • If there is an attachment or more, a "hasattachments" label is added

  • For every different file extension in the ticket attachments, an "ri_ + file_extension" label is added.

Developed by Respira Internet.

Hi there! We are Respira Internet, a small Spain Based Zendesk Partner.

We help businesses of all sizes improve their Customer Support and other business processes by integrating Zendesk with the rest of their IT Systems.

We are your goto Zendesk partner if you need a customized Zendesk app, a customized Zendesk Guide theme, or a quick and reliable Zendesk Onboarding service.

Please contact us if you need an app, a theme, or consulting services.

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