Let your customers explain their issues by recording their screen.

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Customers can better explain their issues by recording their screen and describing them by voice. They can also record an issue from the camera of their cellphone. This needs no integration with your product nor installation on the customer side.

  • Lower resolution time: A screen recording is better than trying to explain the issue with just text, meaning no back and forth.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Show them how it's done instead of explaining by text. Allow your support team to use screen recordings without leaving Zendesk. They can even add their webcam for an extra personal touch.

  • Gather insights to guide upsells, features, bugs, ... A screen recording from a customer is worth a million words and is full of context and insights for the product, success, or sales team. Don't explain - show!

Key features:

  • Ask for a screen recording: Let the customer support team request a screen recording from your customers. It's a simple link to a guided process that ends up posting the video in the Zendesk ticket.

  • Ask for a camera recording: Customers can also use their cellphone cameras to explain and show an issue.

  • Video instructions: Answer your customer's issues with a screen recording. Show your face to be more personal.

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