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Branding your Zendesk Help Center, email and support environment is key to providing a familiar and trusted environment for your customers and end users. By default Zendesk offers a basic email design without any easy way to customize that to reflect your brand.

Template Builder

The Email Template Builder app solves this problem. This app offers you 4 modern templates and an interface to customize these to your liking in a similar fashion to how you can customize your Help Center theme.

Our templates


The Simple theme is as close as possible to the native Zendesk theme. It adds a logo on top, the ability to add some footer text and makes the design responsive.


The Stylish theme contains a centered header with subtitle, a colored footer in your brand colors and the ability to add footer text to your email.


The Bold theme adds a call to action section to your email template that can link to a promotion, help center,... You can add up to two links in the header.


The Banner theme contains a colored banner in your brand color on top of the email. It allows you to add footer text and has a nice centered responsive design.

What you get - When subscribing to this application you get acces to the four themes and the source code to those themes so you can further customize them to your needs.

  • You can also regularly change your theme to reflect seasons, holidays, promotions,...

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