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Track Shipments and Start Returns directly from Zendesk.

Reduce WISMO requests

Through the WeSupply - Zendesk integration, we help eCommerce businesses reduce problematic WISMO (Where Is My Order?) contacts that keep support teams busy and put customers into frustrating, time-consuming situations.

Convert occasional shoppers into loyal customers

Install the WeSupply app for a seamless customer support experience, provide your team access to the latest shipment status of your customers’ packages, related returns and order information, and turn occasional shoppers into loyal, repeat customers.

Unify your ticket view and help your team access information faster

The WeSupply app for Zendesk creates a unified ticket view, displaying relevant information for each order: customer name, order number, shipment status, tracking number & courier name, shipment label, associated returns, delivery status for returns, and many other details. Since all the information is in once place, it's easy to spot and follow!

Complete the Customer Experience puzzle with the final piece

WeSupply is a powerful SaaS platform that helps eCommerce businesses elevate post-purchase experience and boost customer satisfaction. Whether your brand's missing piece of the customer experience puzzle is an easy-to-implement tracking page, proactive shipping and return notifications, self-service returns & easy refunds, the availability of a good in-store pick-up flow or insightful data about your sales performance, with WeSupply you can transform them all into key benefits for your business.

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WeSupply Track Shipments and Start Returns directly from Zendesk

WeSupply Labs helps merchants provide the best post-purchase customer experience when selling online with their integrated services designed to assure a smooth post-purchase experience for end-users.

For more information, visit wesupplylabs.com

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