Dialog Control

An ACD system fully integrated into your contact centre and Zendesk Support.

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Intelligent call distribution
Call routing, monitoring and evaluation in one tool. With Dialog Control, you always have an overview of your service hotlines. Use Dialog Control for the decentralised distribution of calls or as an ACD system that is fully integrated into your contact centre.

Customer Service made simple
For this purpose we use our own development, Dialog Control. This allows your agents to work optimally at all times.
But let’s start at the beginning. When developing Dialog Control, one of our key questions was: "How can we develop a simple tool for our customers that meets the diverse requirements for optimum customer service?" The result is Dialog Control from dtms, an ACD solution that is easy to use, packed with features and individually customizable.

No wish remains unfulfilled
Dialog Control distributes the incoming calls to queues and can be expanded to be an all-encompassing call management tool with numerous features and additional options. Our development is available for you as a solution from the cloud. Dialog Control adapts entirely to your wishes and requirements.

Exclusively for you - 100% made in Germany
With Dialog Control, we can tailor the ACD solution to your business quickly, flexibly and completely in line with your requirements. And your personal account manager will assist you afterwards.

With us, your phone numbers are in the best hands
You can obtain your service numbers directly from us. This means you receive all modules from a single provider. If you already have service numbers or local network numbers, we can also port them. If you do not wish this, we can also redirect the numbers to Dialog Control in the cloud. As you can see, all paths lead to the optimal entry into the perfect customer dialogue.

Clear advantages
Multiple locations - one system

Use Dialog Control to connect any number of locations and manage the control centrally.

  • No installation

    Dialog Control is browser-based. This means there is no need for complex installations.

  • SIP accounts

    On request, we can provide you with SIP accounts and a fully integrated browser phone. This makes you completely independent of a local telecommunication infrastructure.

  • In-house implementation - in-house support

    Dialog Control is an in-house development of dtms. Our developers are based in Germany, test on systems in Germany and use our own network. Even after the successful launch of your project, a competent contact person is still available to answer any questions or requests. Extensions or adaptations can therefore be tested and implemented quickly and flexibly. Dialog Control and dtms are 100% made in Germany.

  • Numerous additional options

    Dialog Control is modular and can therefore be expanded to include numerous functions and combined with other dtms products, such as customer feedback or Peak Control (callback management).

  • Flexible billing options

Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricing (http://zendesk.com/talk/pricing%5D(https:/www.zendesk.com/talk/pricing)) ).

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