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ArenaCX for Zendesk

Get instant access to on-demand support agents through the ArenaCX BPO network.


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The ArenaCX Zendesk app provides an immediate and seamless connection to ArenaCX – providing ticket triage and routing capabilities within your Zendesk instance – as well as access to on-demand labor from the ArenaCX marketplace of vetted, ready-to-onboard BPOs.

Get an unprecedented level of control over your support outcomes

With the ArenaCX Zendesk app, you don't have to switch to separate tabs or systems to view the performance of your support teams. You set the business metrics that matter most to you in your balanced scorecard (CSAT, cost, customer churn, agent happiness, etc.) and the powerful ArenaCX software will instantly route incoming tickets to the team or agent who best handles that type of ticket. The better the agent does against your scorecard, the more tickets of that type he or she will receive. This leads to a virtuous cycle of metric improvement (and cost reduction!).

Reap the benefits of outsourcing without the commitment

Use the marketplace to:

  • Absorb seasonality

  • Extend coverage hours

  • Provide new support channels

  • Add redundancy to your current network to cover sudden spikes, sickness, vacation, etc.

We help companies of all sizes

Whether you're an enterprise with a large internal support team and existing contact center relationships or a startup just beginning to assemble your team – or anywhere in between – ArenaCX can help your business meet your customer demands and save on your overall support costs.


  • Instantly triage tickets based on machine learning within your Zendesk instance. There is no new system for your agents to learn.

  • Get instant access to on-demand customer support with per-ticket pricing- Plus, ArenaCX's BPO partners are performance-incentivized – the better they perform, the more of your business they will earn- Ensure that your internal team is busy, but not too busy. Set min/max thresholds for the amount or percentage of your business you want to remain with your current team or send to the marketplace.

  • Avoid a painful RFP process: All ArenaCX contact center partners have been vetted and operate under one master service agreement.- Unpack your team(s) performance with the comprehensive set of dashboards that enable you to analyze performance at an agent, team or partner level.

About ArenaCX

ArenaCX is the world's first marketplace where contact centers compete to better serve your customers. ArenaCX works by creating market dynamics, even with internal teams, and providing easy access to additional support capacity. Learn more about ArenaCX at www.arenacx.com.

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