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Upgrade your customer satisfaction surveys, discover what lies beyond CSAT and NPS® and join the world’s leading companies in delivering a customer experience that stands out from the competition.

Surveypal for Zendesk empowers you to improve customer relationships, boost service quality, and drive agent satisfaction. Our omnichannel integration works with all your Zendesk products (Support, Talk, Chat, Guide) and enables you to drive the experience across all your support channels.

Send unlimited surveys, ask unlimited questions, get unlimited responses – no surprise costs!

Book a free consultation with our CX experts to discuss your feedback needs.

Do you have any questions about a tailored feedback solution for your company? Drop us a line at sales@surveypal.com

Surveypal <3 Zendesk – Key benefits:

  • Build better customer relationships: Happy customers buy more. Find out what your customers enjoy about your service and get the insights to further elevate their experience. Receive real-time notifications, act on negative feedback, and win back your disappointed customers.

  • Close the feedback loop: Losing customers to competitors? Automatically create new tickets in Zendesk whenever you receive a low customer rating or score and do not leave your cx to chance.

  • Better lead your team: Running out of time? Uncover training needs and efficiently coach your customer service team to perform better. Keep track of feedback and reward your agents on a job well-done.

  • Increase agent satisfaction: High employee turnover is expensive. Boost motivation and increase employee retention by automatically redirecting positive feedback to individual agents and enable them to tell you how they feel - even anonymously.

  • For all your service channels (Support, Talk, Chat, Guide): Do you deliver the same service quality across contact points? Utilize our Zendesk survey integration and measure the experience across all your service channels, compare data, and develop daily operations.

  • Deploy your surveys at the right time: Use triggers or automations to ensure your surveys are delivered the moment you want them to and to the right customer.

  • Build reports in Zendesk Explore: Discover the root cause of repeat issues. Create reports combining your custom feedback data with agent/team performance and other CX metrics - such as First Contact Resolution (FCR) - to determine what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Deliver a dynamic and engaging survey experience

Track and measure customer experience metrics and KPIs such as Net Promoter® Score (NPS®), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) your way!

Deliver a dynamic and engaging Zendesk survey experience

Safe & Secure

Large enterprise companies around the world trust Surveypal with their feedback data.

Surveypal for Zendesk is SSO-ready and GDPR compliant

One platform for all your survey needs

Drive more value with Surveypal - Use our experience management platform for all the survey needs in your organization.

Expand your surveying capabilities with Surveypal

Present your situation, we will solve your problem

Do you have complex or challenging feedback needs? We got you covered – with years of experience and expertise we can help you find a solution that works best for you.

Our support team is always there to help by email, phone, or chat.

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