Playvox Integration for Zendesk Chat

QA, performance management, coaching/learning and CS team motivation in real-time.

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Extend the capabilities of Zendesk Chat with this automated & centralized AGENT OPTIMIZATION SUITE consisting of quality assurance, performance management, coaching, learning & agent motivation tools, seamlessly integrated into Zendesk. With Playvox & Zendesk Chat, you will empower agents, team leaders, QA analysts, & managers with the tools & real-time intelligence needed to radically improve your customer service & revenue generation capabilities.

The Playvox-Zendesk Chat integration helps teams gain total control over their quality operations, measure KPIs & see exactly what's happening in real-time.

  • Monitor service quality in the easiest way possible:

    • Filter most important chats
    • Create quality scorecards in minutes
    • Evaluate customer Interactions
    • Instantly uncover CS problems
    • Generate reports based on evaluation results
    • Calibrate quality analysts
  • Solve issues on the spot with KPIs in one place:

    • Easily measure where your team stands & identify KPIs they need to improve on
    • Solve issues in NPS, AHT, CSAT, soft skills, among others
    • Create dashboards for teams to view, customize objectives & keep track of their progress
  • Drive continuous agent improvement:

    • Tailor coaching templates to identified needs, recurring CS problems & team issues
    • Give agents real-time feedback
    • View team's progress over specific periods of time & identify the effectiveness of each coaching session
  • Send targeted training:

    • Provide CS teams with educational information they need & allow them to take lessons in the learning topics they want to improve on
    • Create personalized training courses & quizzes for agents to pinpoint & improve their skill sets
  • Recognize & reward your team based on results

    • ‍Build real time collaboration around CS teams to keep all stakeholders actively engaged in the QA process
    • Customize the online store with rewards & gift cards for team members to exchange based on their results
    • Exchange ideas with team members in the community wall, ask questions & share relevant information.

Customers using the Playvox-Zendesk Chat integration say:

SHIPSTATION: 'We needed a way to manage our support QA evaluations that integrated with Zendesk & allowed customized access to managers & team leads. Playvox had this functionality & integration, along with a number of bonus features.' said Sarah Holdgrafer, Manager of Self-Service & Content at ShipStation.'

IBOTTA: 'This plugin [Zendesk] is designed to allow for a very rapid & accurate agent case QA workflows which in turn allows us a reduced headcount projection for the case QA team over the next 12-18 months as a result.' said Chris Sherland, Ibotta Care Director

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